?installing 7th and 8th inj. system


Jun 7, 2001
i currently have a 7th and 8th inj. on my 87gn but i don't have the hardware to supply the alky to the inj. currenly i am running fuel though the inj. can anyone give me a list of parts i need and where to get them please i really want to
use this system but i don't know how to get the alky to the inj.
please e-mail me at; tes87gn@yahoo.com or call me toll free at
1-800-GM GIANT my work from 8:00-5:30pm e.s.t ext.820 please ask for todd. thank you.
Do the injectors currently use fuel from the rail??

I would think you could just plumb from an alky solenoid to the -4 feed that went on the fuel rail... not too sure of your setup