TH400 built, buick bolt pattern, reverse manual, and precision TC also built but slipping 200r4


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I have two transmissions here and am heading a different direction completely so I think they are both going.

First is a ready to go, bolt it in and race this weeked TH400.

This transmission was built by Jimmy at Lake county Transmission in Mundelein, IL. He is THE guy in the midwest to build GN tranny's. Little backstory, I had a built 200 and broke the drum, replaced it myself and goofed up. I was sick of looking at transmissions and was headed toward a mild stage build and said I want a tranny I can use up to 1000HP. This TH400 was built with that in mind. This was all done in 2001. The receipt lists TH400 with brake, Race clutches, deep pan. It is a reverse manual valve body with a TCI brake. I ran it with a quicksilver shifter in the stock center council. The torque converter is a non lockup Precision, listed on the receipt as 3800 stall. I installed this combo behind a 450ish HP stock block motor and ran around town for 4-500 miles total. Two trips to the track total, had a posi problem and was running high 11's with no launch. Used the brake a few times on the street as well. What I am saying is this is very fresh. Always ran with the largest cooler available, plus with that stall and a TE45 turbo it spooled instantly. I always felt that the stall was a little looser than advertised but frankly I didn't have enough time with it and it was a long time ago, memories fade. It worked with the stock speedometer cable. The car was off the road in a barn from 2002 to the present, I pulled the tranny 3 years ago when I pulled the car out scrubbed off the case and painted it VHT aluminum and it has sat since then. It is time to go. I am located in the Milwaukee area so Chicago and midwest delivery can probably be arranged somehow. I am also willing to work with anyone who wants me to put it on a pallet and ship it wherever at buyers cost. I talked to the builder last year and asked him two main questions, what would you do differently if you built this today and he said nothing and I asked him pricing if I got it today and he said with the converter somewhere around $2500 depending on if I supply a core and all that would be a very good deal. I'm not going to shop every other tranny shop out there but monster (crap from what I have heard) lists this combo closer to $3000, which is just too much in my mind. I don't know what to ask for this but I think to the right person $2200 should be a steal for a no delay ready to go transmission with a buick bolt pattern and converter. I am only interested in keeping the tranny and converter together. If you are interested let's talk about it. I have more pictures I can't share here. WP_20180318_13_50_06_Pro.jpg WP_20180318_13_52_28_Pro.jpgWP_20180318_13_50_45_Pro.jpgPersonal email is best especially since the notification system here seems to be down.

Second tranny is the 200r4 I mentioned above it will need clutches before it can be used. This was a built tanny from PMAC in Texas. It was running great until I shifted into 4th at WOT once and broke the drum. I pulled the tranny apart and replaced the drum with a supershaft drum, also from PMAC, and put the tranny back together. I am guessing I goofed up one of the seals because after that it slipped 2nd gear. I did run it like that for a few miles (less than 100) the other gears held fine. Then I went to the TH400 listed above. The good parts are still in there and with a clutch and seal kit I always thought this would be back on the road running strong. That is why I kept it. The invoice from the original purchase is pictured to show the parts. I no longer have the converter for this tranny. I also have a trans brake installed and for the life of me I can't find the paperwork for it. It was installed in 2000 and was the manual style where you put the shifter into 1st gear then bump it forward to release the brake, I believe it was a stagerite brake. I have the modified shifter detent for the stock shifter as well. This was an original GN transmission. Same as above located in Milwaukee area, upper midwest we can probably workout delivery elsewhere I am willing to ship fastenal or similar, buyers cost. This is another hard one to price, I think the core, the hard parts, the brake are probably worth every bit of $1000 to the right person. For a few hundred more in clutches and labor you have a very good tranny. I'm thinking $800 would keep me happy. Much less than that and it sits here till I have clutches put in and sell it complete and running. WP_20190506_12_00_30_Pro.jpg Again, if you are interested lets talk about it. Email is best
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I would be interested in the shift detent for the 2004r if you are willing to separate and we can agree on a price. lmk gravely man(no space in there)at yahoo dot com

Would also be interested in the vb/gov combo out of the trans and the servo if it is a 694 stock one. If you are willing to separate. Shipping a whole trans is kinda not easy. Parts much easier.

I know Jimmy
You are more than just in the ballpark on that 400 deal. 400 w/brake, and converter fresh for 2K?
Not only should they thank you for the deal , whoever buys it should take ya to dinner for the weekend !! And Drinks and tickets to the show!
You are doing someone MORE than right and giving them a quality piece for a more than reasonable price. !
Should sell quickly I would think. Hell take it to the local track one night and see if you can off it.
Good deal for someone tho