Installing Factory Cruise Control on a Non-factory cruise control car?

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Mar 2, 2002
Has aybody ever installed factory cruise control on a '87 TR non factory cruise control optioned car?
Does anybody know if the parts are still available from GM?
Does anybody know what parts are required?
Does anybody know the approximate cost of such an installation?
I know it needs a different steering wheel stalk.
I know that it needs a different steering wheel wiring harness.
I know that it needs a cruise control unit.
Do I need a different ECCM.
I know that the unit is controlled by a brain somewhere.
I would get used stuff since many people scrap them off their race cars. Should be relatively cheap for used stuff and rarely is the cruise control a problem other than the vaccum switch on the brake pedal or stalk control switches that die with age.

You need the stuff just mentioned, brain box controller module, servo, wiring, throttle control cable, indicator wiring, vacuum ball and check valve.

For starters anyway.
I agree with salvageV6.
I got my setup from a friend who wanted it stripped it off his car.
I got a couple of the parts from the wreckers for dirt cheap (Stalk, check valves along with some hoses) a lot of the parts are common on regular Buick's.
It was relatively easy for me to do on a hybrid. (some minor electrical trouble shooting. Thanks salvage ) Yours should be a piece of cake :)