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Mar 26, 2002
can some one tell me how to install my new injectors? is there any special tools I will need? do I need to prime them somehow? I work on cars all the time but first time doing this.

piece of cake. No special tools required except a fresh box of patience.

Depressurize the fuel rails (easiest way, unhook fuel pump. start car let it die)
remove coil pack (you don't have to take it out...just move it out of the way...there's a nicely hidden nut on the back of it)
undo fuel rail fuel line on passenger side
remove fuel rail bolts (5 I think, 2 on each side, the one in back)
wiggle and pull up on the fuel rail
wiggle and pull little more, it'll "unsnap"
wiggle each injector out of the fuel rail or intake depending on where it preferred to stay, one at a time
make sure O rings (2 per injector) are accounted for
fight retaining clip off of injector DON'T DESTROY IT or lose it.
unplug old injector, plug in new, reinstall retaining clip.
push injector into intake hole...wiggle and push. it'll "pop"/seat in


now fit rail over each injector, take your time and make sure each injector is aligned with it's fuel rail hole...wiggle and push down DON"T BEND FUEL RAIL. It might not pop down but when you are confident they are in place...reinstall bolts careful, don't over tighten...20 - 25lbs should be plenty

HOOK UP FUEL PUMP>>>>unplug orange wire by the battery>>>>>PUT IN NEW CHIP>>>>>>plug in orange wire at the battery


shouldn't take you more than 20 - 30 minutes depending on the godforsaken clips.
I prelubed the new O - Rings it helped me.

Took me a couple of hours total but I looked around a lot at the wiring for breaks, cracks, bad insulation etc.
Don't forget the fuel pressure reg. disconnect.

Maybe a little lube on the "O" rings.

I have heard of guys using an open end wrench under the injectors to remove them from the mainifold.

I believe the above states to remove the regulator from the fuel rail although I have not read it lately...I see no reason to do that....

Although the injector connectors are labeled, I always tie wrap the harness to the rail to keep them straight and keep the harness off the egr.

The clips that hold the factory injectors to the rail are only there to make it easier on the assembly line serve no real purpose and I don't put them on the new injectors.

As mentioned above, an open end wrench just large enuf to slip over the the injector makes a good pry bar to loosen the old ones.

Grease the O-rings on both ends of the injectors and pop them into the fuel rail and then set them down on the intake and line them up with the holes...then push down until the bolt holes on the rail are sitting flush on their mounting surfaces...tighten gently as suggested above.
do new O-rings normally come with new injectors? (I've ordered MSD50 from Racetronix).

if not, i'd prefer to install all brand new orings.

is it 1 or 2 orings per injector?

GNTTYPE shows GM# 10031124 as the oring -- they've sometimes been wrong on part #s -- any reason to suspect this # as being incorrect?
It did not appear in the GMpartsDirect database.
is it 1 or 2 orings per injector?

There is two per injector.One where it goes into the rail and the other where it goes in the intake manifold.
I've done this more times than I can count. Everything they all mentioned above is correct.
I especially agree with using an open ended wrench under the bottom of the injector, against the manifold boss, to pry and remove easily. Just remember, you're working with semi-delicate items, and finesse is your friend, as opposed to using "brawn" ie excessive force. If it's stuck hard, then something else must still be fastened somewhere. Re-examine before forcing!
Also, always prelube the o-rings. I prefer a silicone type, but good ol' fashioned vasoline works just fine too. (small evenly distributed amounts). This will help ensure not tearing or nicking the new o-rings. All new injectors I've bought came with new o-rings. If for some reason they don't, or you need more/replacements, you can purchase a set or idividually from O'Reilly and other parts stores. They're made by Borg-Warner, but I don't have the part number currently with me. 2 o-rings per injector ---> one in the fuel rail and one in the manifold injector boss. Hope this helps...
Racetronix will be including a small packet of dielectric silicon grease to put on the injector o-rings. This will ease the installation.

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Be very careful with the routing of the wires when you reinstall. I don't think I'm the only person who pinched the wires when reinstalling. OUCH! Also, as Steve Wood mentioned, the egr is known to destroy injector wiring that has been left too close to it.
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can some one tell me how to install my new injectors? is there any special tools I will need? do I need to prime them somehow? I work on cars all the time but first time doing this.


I have pics and install notes on my website. Go to the "mods" page and scrool down to the injector install.