Int. or ext. balanced


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Is a stock crank internally or externally balanced? What are the after market cranks. The crank I have is an L.A enterprises Krypton crank. Are those any good and how can you tell if its int or ext balanced crank.
I bought this crank off of Geno a while back. It has a real small nick on one of the journals and the part that makes the partition between the two rods got hurt. Geno said he got a quote from crankshaft Specialties of $400 to repair it. Has any one on here delt with crank shaft specialties and if so do they do good work?

Thanks: Jason
Well I got motivated and did a search on this. It appears that stock cranks are externally balanced and steel cranks are internally balanced.

Actually, steel cranks can be done either way. I believe the most common setup on a race motor is for it to be internally balanced. That way aftermarket parts do not have to be motor-make specific.