intake manifold gaskets


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Apr 10, 2009
ok guys,
i just went thru the whole trouble of replacing the gaskets on the intake manifold because it had developed a leak.
when i got it torn down. it turned out that the thread sealant had gave up and that was my leak.
now, the whole back of the manifold is gushing oil when the motor is running.
i know its the rubber end piece. to install i followed the steps. which says to instal clean and dry. i did. in the past i used sealant thru there any ways.
so, should i put sealant back there again?
any feedback is needed before i go thru this again. because trust me the car runs better, but the out come was very disapointing.
When you replace in intake manifold it is a good idea to put some gasket sealant in the corners of the rubber end pieces. I would use a small film on the top and bottom of them and in the corners (Where the heads, Block, and intake join) put some gasket sealant in that area and slide the rubber end piece into it.
hi, thanks i did. i just realized the return tube from the turbo that leads into the manifold is not in the hole. i beleive this is where the oil is coming from.
i will pull the turbo off and inspect this first. and if not. will break down the top end again. so, im crossing my fingers. because this is the last thing in need to do to get this girl painted.
thanks again
Hopefully it is just the return line...those can be a little tricky to line up in the hole.
yea, i can see its out of the hole. gettin ready to go out there and "getter-done"
ok, it definatly was the return oil tube. pulled the turbo off and relined it up and no more leaks. thank god.
so, im back on track for the paint job.:smile: