INtercooler cleanup

throw in some carb cleaner and swish it around for a bit then dump...throw som e more in there....repeat...then rinse with water....then let it dry (it's best to stick a shop vac in the one hole and tape and close off the other hole so it drys it quicker...
Get a couple of cans of O2 safe carb cleaner, pour it in, cover the openings, slosh it around and pour it our (environmentally sound, of course). Might want to try just one can first, and see how dirty it is, then follow-up with another can. Let it dry real well before re-installing.

Go to the parts store and buy some of the Valvoline Throttle body spray. Its the best I have seen so far. Breaks up and dissolves the oily buildup on contact. Just spray it in the IC and shake it around then dump it out until it starts coming out somewhat clear. When your done, just let it air out and dry. Theres a lot on this topic at under spring cleaning. :)
WEll I used some carb cleaner, and it was suprisingly clean inside so it only took one can. Thanks guys
Anyone ever used Brakleen? I know it evaporates without residue, and is an awesome cleaner, much better than carb cleaner....any opinions?

I've always had better results with carb cleaner regardless of the job than brake cleaner (unless you're doing brakes ;) ). Carb cleaner seems to have more solvent. Brake cleaner drys your hands out too, bad. Walmart/Auto Zone always seems to have carb cleaner on sale too, like $0.88/can or 2/$1.00 generic.
Well remeber to that the intercooler has a different sludge build up in it in our cars than just carbon. We get some oil blow by from the turbo. Carb cleaner is also formulated to be safe if any of it gets in the intake during operation so it wont hamr any sensors. Brake cleaner is not because its not made for that purpose.
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They make a product named gasoline that works like a charm..


Yea but it also leaves a smell on you and in the garage or where ever you dump it that will make you choke everytime you smell it.;)