intercooler maby


I am thinking of buying a gbody parts stock 23 row intercooler has any body run one or thease how much better than a stock with a dutt neck?

te44 3inch dp 36# injectors 3000 stall smc alky tt race chip 22psi
they are alot better then stock intercoolers... any reason why you dont wanna use a front mount?
if your cooling system is up to par, you wont overheat with a front mount..

I have a front mount on my daily driver w a/c and i dont overheat.. and i live down here in south Texas

This is just my 2cents... but i perfer front mounts..
Precision makes a very nice front mount that doesn't take up a lot of air space. I have the RJC and I had to go with duel fans & F-body radiator. Go with a front mount. ;)
i installed the gbody parts ic this spring, with no other changes gained about 3# boost over the totally stock ic i pulled out, spoolup improves, overall im very happy, very easy install as well and looks great.