intercooler talk.....front mount, rear mount, stock!


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Nov 21, 2005
i have a mostly stock 86 GN. just a better fuel pump, walbro340, and was wondering about intercoolers. is the stock intercooler sufficient? i've seen alot of front mount intercoolers. some smaller, some that cover almost all of the radiator and a/c coil. can somebody tell me what works the best.
i'm not planning on racing the car serious. i just want to make the car as efficient in mostly stock form as possible.
At your level the stocker is fine.

First mod. might be the Duttweiler neck for the stocker.

Assuming you want to run more than stock boost and have a good chip, and some octane enhancement to allow greater boost levels.

A good free flowing exhaust and a good chip are FAR more important.

So my answer would be that the stocker is good at 14 psi. boost. :)
PTE's Stock Location IC is a very nice stock location piece, twice the size of the stocker. It's what we're running on my car at the present. The stock IC I have seen go low 12's high 11's built right with the Dutweiller Neck with supporting mods. The PTE SLIC is about 850$ I believe off PTE's website. One thing though, it won't fit with front braces. The braces are in the way by about a 1/4" too much and it won't clear. I didn't choose a front mount because it gets driven on the weekends and I didn't want a FM.
At your level though, a stocker should be sufficient, and if you don't have the Dutweiller neck yet, look into it.

Hope this helps. :cool:
I agree with the others, stock IC should be fine at your level. Another good SLIC is Thunderfab's piece. Incidentally they are also in the SA area and I plan on getting one really soon.

Or run alky injection, turn up the boost, and have fun. Bang for the buck, this might be a better route.
stock intercooler(and neck) is good to 25 psi with a stock turbo..... ;)
Wide Neck

About $73.00 plus shipping if you do all the work if not $260.00
Used good core, already welded on neck, with transition hose in good shape, should be $175-$225 shipped.
Large nack intercooler

Hey guys I have a 2 1/2" inlet neck intercooler on the shelf if you are interested. It is in nice shape. Took my car to the 12.3's probably had more just never pushed the boost.
The stocker is probably good enough. My next upgrade would be alchy. It will cool the intake charge a lot more than an expensive aftermarket intercooler...for a lot less $$$$$ !
I wouldn't waste the time or money on the Duttweiler neck mod. I went 12.0's @ 113+mph 12-years ago with everything stock, including the intercooler, except for some fuel components.

We've also gone 117+mph with the stock intercooler on some cars with mild bolt-ons only.

kshef said:
tell me your secret....

No secrets, others have done it. Some even faster. The car had 130+k miles on the odometer and was a daily driver. This was before Direct Scan was available and I was using an OTC-4000E for tuning. It pretty much stayed in the car.

Never got the Dutt neck on and ran a 12.32. Cant forget to mention the Alky and high boost but I just never felt like getting her chopped.
Anyone running the Mease stock location intercooler? Any comparison to the PTE stock location?
This is probably way more than most are looking for, but I thought I'd throw it out there... 4" core, 3" pipes, 26" x 17" surface. (I think. Its somewhere in there)Total cost approx $450, and a couple of hours to weld the pipe. Hard to beat for the DIYers.


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The Dutt neck works and is cheap considering you can get the IC with it for around $200 and sell your good stocker for $150.

You will gain 2psi of boost back, which means faster spool up and lower heat going into the IC from the turbo at the same psi level.

Then go with alky and you have yourself a deadly street sleeper. ;)
you said 'youll get 2 lbs of boost back" with that ic neck. faster spool up was also a factor. is that because that neck is just a better flowing neck? or is it larger in diameter as well.