Well this weekend i will be picking up my CAS stock mount IC....
SO what kind of improvements shoudl i be expecting over the stock IC once i get a new motor mount for the pass side (or make a spacer myself)....I am running LT1 MAf with translator, 37#delphi, lubrandt chip, kand n cone along with a TE44

well let me knwo what resluts u guys have gottem from the CAS intercooler
PS anyone have a pass mount i can borrow to make a template for a spacer , can i use the driver side as atemplate just reversed lemme know
Not trying to rain on your parade,....but not a lot of guys are running them and the ones that are as far as I've heard weren't happy with the fit or the gains they got, if any at all. As far as the TTA goes,....I would either go with a front mount or liquid intercooler.