Interest ?????

Kinda thinking about selling my 85' t-type. Checking interest and wondering what these cars seem to be selling for ? The car is in decent shape and is a driver. I have raced it but never did anything to it seriously. Basically its an original car except someone before me painted it black over the grey it's supposed to be. It has a auburn posi rear with 3.73 gears and TA cover. But its a 7.5" rear. So, what says you all ? What do these cars seem to be bringing ? I don't "have" to sell it but it is just sitting with all the other projects going on. Just not sure what to do with it. I like driving the car, I just ........ don't for some reason.
I would kept it;) I had this same idea, wanted someone else to finish it up. I had it tagged at 6k, got alot of offers(south texas haha) Had a buyer at that priced, I didnt call him back tho(after he checked it out). This was with the car being down, bad paint other little things need fixing. So should I have taken it, sure if i needed the money. Something about these cars tho, I tell ya, just couldn't sell it. I will add tho, this guy knew what I had after popping the hood. He thought it was just a NA regal, I said " no its a HA buddy". So closed that price only going over upgrades and what was left to be done, which was paint and body and other lil loose ends. That said, if a buying knows the car, knows it's stock, or mostly stock. He might also know, it will cost a good amount to really get it going unless its a restore project only.

You might get a bit lower offer with the 7.5 rear IMO or that it's a hotair. I bluebooked my car low end was 5,500, mid 6,500 top 15,500. (around there) these are blue book prices tho, everyone knows real world is more like, 1,300 low, 2,200 mid, 4,000 high or so.

If anything , test out the water and see what offers you get, but be carful tho, sure you know the game of "Show me where its parked/kept so I can return later for it" scam, hope this helps buddy