Interested in selling TTA


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Feb 7, 2006
Guys, I'm interested in selling my TTA.

It's #1001, all original with 58,935 miles, lexan tops and leather seats. The paint, badges & stickers look good . It does need a spoiler, Antenna motor, and the headlights don't want to work every time. The driver seat needs to be replaced or re covered. The other seats look fine.

In the cooler months the car runs fine. In the summer, it starts right up, but after 10-15 mins it starts to sputter and shut off. I've replaced the motor mounts, EGR, coil pack, plugs, plug wires & fuel pump. I was told the problem could be the computer or baro sensor.

I've had some health problems recently and don't have time for the car. Any idea of what this it's worth. I was thinking around 10-11k. Is this too high, too low and is anyone interested in buying it?

More info and pictures available on request.



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Where are you located? I am interested in a driver with decent miles. Thanks, AJ 203-879-0200 or 203-596-1564
sounds like a fair price if you listed all the problems and the Engine + trans are in good shape. :cool: Hopefuly one of the board members buys this car.
I think 10-11k is a little low, even considering those minor problems.

My $.02


It has found a new home next to my GN and low mile TTA. :biggrin: My wifes car will now reside outside. If anyone has an extra room for rent please let me know. I have feeling I won't be sleeping inside much longer.:( But at least the cars will be comfortable!
Congrats vmaxrider!!! It looks like a real clean car. Post up some pics when you get it.:cool:
Congrats on the purchase. From the one pic posted that car looked to be in very nice shape.

I will post pics when it is dropped off early next week. I can't wait to see it. Aubrey is a stand up guy. He was very helpfull and his car will be well cared for. Now the fun begins, trying to get all the documentation and looking for an owners kit.(Neither of my TTA's have them) I will be looking for a replacement drivers seat if anyone knows of one.Or a replacement leather cover for it.