Is a BGC 23 row stock location intercooler good?


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I bought one used and it has been on the car for a year or so, and the boost went up about 3#s higher than the stock one with the wastegate at the same position. I here alot about the Cas V4 and I'm sure it better, but is the BGC intercooler any good. Its the 23 row stretch with the big necks and all. Just curious because they never get talked about. Thanks
It's a good one ,I know there has been some problems with BGC ,but that doesnt make the BGC IC bad.
I remember Mike Kurtz running 10's with it ,It has a nice scoop and a efficient core.

I bought Mike Krutz BGC stock appearing IC. Im still running it today. I have no complaints at all about this IC. When I first put it on about two years ago on my old combo I pick up .4 tenths 3-4 mph when i installed it. Im still running it today and running 10's with no problem.

Hope that helps.
Hey thanks for the replys I was just curious. Cris Mcdade rings a bell, i think your father used to live across the street from my house, in the Westbury area, My dad mentioned once that His sons had a GN or two, just wondering if you are the same person.
Yes I beleive that you lived across the street from my grandfather. They sold that house a long time ago. If i remember correctly that 85 GN has been in your family for a long time. I remember seeing that car over there when i was a kid. Im now 29. WOW!!!!That seem like a long time ago. Good to here from you. Do yall still live in Houston? If so are you a member of the Houston buick club?

See ya,
Yeah we still live in the same house in Houston, I don't know why it doesn't show it in my location. Now there are 3 GNs crammed in the driveway and most of the time one of them is getting something done to it in one way or another. They are a great fun to work on. It is also cool being able to drive 3 GNs at the age of 18. The one I bought is the 87 the rest are my dads. I am not a member of the Houston Buick club but would like to join eventually. Good to talk to you.