is anyone familiar with esp front mount

I've one in my street GN for about 9 years. It has worked great with the smaller turbos that I have used (TE-44, TE-45) no matter the boost level. Works great with the TE-45A at low boost levels, but it can't keep up over 24-25 lbs of boost. Intake temps get kinda high in the MS summer heat. When I ordered it, it came with 3" pipes. The spoolup is off just a little with the smaller turbos, but I made up for it with stall (AC 9" nl, 3200 rpm). The TE-45A does not have that problem. HTH
We would be happy to answer any questions. Note, there has been a design change in the last couple years. You can go to and click the intercooler link. Any other questions, you may contact us at 610-970-8944.
Hope this helps.