Is Boss brand any good?


Not quite normal
May 25, 2001
The prices on Boss car audio components and speakers are pretty low. Is their stuff any good? I don't need real high end, but I don't want junk either.

Tom Miner
They arent that great. I would say that they are better than roadgear, or koss, maybe even jensen, but they wont play in the same league as any of the major brands.
Their amps and subs arent too bad, a friend had one for awhile. But I would stay away from their head units or component speakers. As far as car audio.. you get what you pay for.
What kinda gear are you looking to buy, and what price range?
Boss audio equipment is entry level stuff, its cheap and it produces sound so thats about it. Save your money and buy better equipment, you wont regret it.
it won't win you competitions, but it will last through anything you can give it (their spkrs that is). I've brutalized their spkrs plenty in the past, never phases them.

If you want something better than stock, but don't want to spend $$ (like less than $100 for 4 spkrs), I would recommend them over anything offered from Kenwood, Pioneer etc.

I used 2 5.25" series 1 mids iso'd as a little sub. Above 70Hz it did pretty dang impressive, below that on the otherhand....pop pop pop (but still played w/o flaw afterwards, they just bottomed out constantly) lol
Thanks guys.

I just want $2000 worth of sound for $350-500.

I only put 2000 miles a year on my GN, and a lot of that is with the stereo off, so I don't want to spend too much. I wouldn't even be looking if I hadn't blown a 4x10 trying to hear at 55 with windows down and the tape player didn't crapped out. I have CSII, btw.

I generally get the higher end factory stereo in my new cars and am more than satisfied. I like the Monsoon in my '01 GS a lot.

I have gone to listen to systems, it wasn't a pleasant experience. The big chains are worthless and the little specialty shops don't seem to want to mess with anyone with my budget.

Bottom line, I'd like to get a deck with at least CD-R play (MP3 would be nice), some 5.25" components and maybe some 6x9s for bass fill.

Again, I know that I want to much, just need to know how close I can get.

with that budget, go shopping on ebay or or

On ebay only deal with those who have a lot of positive feedback, like 500+ and only look at new stuff. 'entry level' stuff on ebay is sold by the ton so finding a lot of sellers with good feedback will be really easy.

thezeb offers their own 1yr warrenty and I think shop4sound does too. I know the guy that runs shop4sound is a good guy, so you won't get screwed or anything. He is also VERY helpful, maybe send him an email.
I've been re-e-searching ebay since I posted. Had done some last fall and was thinking JVC KD-SH99. I didn't realized that there were so many new MP3 offerings since then.

I really like the Kenwood because of all the options (compass, hud, etc). I know that I could buy more quality for the cost off options, but I want the options too and that is a separate budget area.

My understanding is that Kenwood is at the low end of the high end, or is it the other way around? I probably will not spring for the Excellon either.

Boss audio has come out with new lines for this model year. Cant beat the prices for the quality. Dont let anyone turn you off too bad, i could live with boss everyday if i had a budget!

The new lines sound MUCH better BTW.