Is E85 a Good Idea for my Current Setup?

If it were me id wait till i had all the right money and components in line then move forward to your E85 end goals, otherwise your gonna have to change a bunch of shit again, 60s and a 340 pump can get by but really aren't enough for max effort power. fuel lines are a must and the Gn ecu is fabulous.
I’ve read that 255LPH is the biggest you can run with stock lines which is why I went that route?

That was more or less my plan. My next performance upgrade will be turbo at which point I’ll do lines, pump and injectors. I want to be able to turn the boost up just a little and not worry about knock.

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Something to keep in mind is a 510lph double pumper set up will supply enough fuel for your end goals and work with the stock fuel lines.
The second pump kicks in at 15psi boost so it doesn’t overwhelm the return line at idle.
I use a walbro 450 pump on stock lines and 80lb injectors with Eric's 5.7 chip. It's hotwired, and I have a casper's volt booster. I switched the return and vent lines, which was easy. I replace all rubber sections of fuel line every few years with new fuel injection hose from auto zone. 30psi with a Te44 turbo for several years now no problem. I'd say get an e85 chip and as long as there is no knock, keep turning it up until you've hit your leanest comfort zone. Mix in some 93 if you need more room. By way of example, I don't go leaner than 11.5:1 on the wideband, but I've hit 12.2:1 before and still saw no knock. E85 is great.

Edit: just use the setup you have now and see how far it takes you. A 255 pump/60's/stock turbo can probably hit 23-24psi on e85 with zero knock and be real fun on the street.