Is it hard to fix a broken trip odometer?


I went to reset the trip odometer in my 86 GN and noticed that it changes, but won't reset to 0. It will end up at 360 or 240 or something like that. It records miles from where it resets, but you can't reset it to 0. Anyone have a similar issue or any experience fixing these? I'd be game to give it try. How hard is it to remove the gauge cluster? Thanks,
Mine sort of gets stuck, then I have to push it multiple times for it to finally get to zero.
I have no clue how to go about fixing it, as when I took out the dash and looked it over I just saw gears and springs and thought I had bigger fish to fry, like reinstalling the dash!

Would be interesting to find an answer though!
I tried the caspers fix on mine and the numbers got all faded from being touched and it still doesnt work right.
Rob them from a JY when you find them in a riviera