Is my Alcohol inj working??



I have Alc inj on 87 GN. The bot holds about 8oz, I have a little green light that comes on when I get on it. (the light works)The Alc seems to last a long time. (it lasts about two to three tanks of gas even longer)How can I test this system to be sure its working properley?Thanks:
I think not.

If you haven't reached the turn on point for the system, then maybe nothing is wrong.
Most of us use 10 to 20 oz per 10-15 seconds of boost time.
What brand system do you have?
Gary :)
Gary: I run at 17 lb max boost, I do run fast with boost, but still not using as much as you say it should. How can I tell what brand inj system it is? I would like to know how to test it to see if it is spraying? Any suggestions?
Does it have a control box or does it look like somthing someone put together themselves?

You can test by running the engine and then jumpering the boost activation switch. That will turn the alchy on and should bog the engine at idle.
I hot wired the motor and it ran, Took off the SS line and the pump was not working, the pump is mounted to the bottom of the motor with four small bolts, when I took it apart one of the two brass gears was stripped.