Pump speed low???


The New Kid
So I tested my pump with a “diy” thing I made up, basically but 26 psi of pressure into the map sensor with a regulated compressor and watch the pump spray lol. I noticed that the pump speed and is about half of what it was with my old pump (when it was new a year and a half ago). The old one would blast it out the end of the hose. And this one it kinda just flows with a little umph behind it. When I got this new pump Julio sent me the new one with the pressure switch in the pressure line. I wasn’t told to set it up any differently. It still turns the light green quickly as boost comes up, and I don’t have any KR, but it doesn’t come up on pressure as fast as my old pump did. Are the new ones made to run slower? Can I turn up the pump speed in the PAC controller or something? I’m thinking I’ll rewire it right to the fuse block (keyed source) instead of the power distribution block I have. It ran great for the past three years. Any ideas? Did I miss something in the setup?

Also the nozzle rating say m10 is 10gph and this rating is at 100psi of pressure.
Yes adding more pressure allows that nozzle to flow alot more
The McMaster carr nozzles can take 500 psi
So the pump only needs 100psi to give 10gph just like a m15 gives 15gph again at 100psi
More pressure will move more gph.
This is why pressure is so important.