Is my fuel pump tired?


aka 80's Rob
I have a RA XP pump that is about six years old. I have my base fuel pressure set at 48 PSI line off with 009s. With the car at WOT in 3rd with the boost at 16 psi I notice the fuel pressure drops to about 60PSI. I've heard that base fuel pressure + boost psi is what the fuel pressure should stay at WOT in 3rd. So if I do the math that should be 64 psi of SUSTAINED fuel pressure. Is this theory true or will fuel pressure always drop a bit at WOT in 3rd? If this is true then I'm assuming my pump can no longer keep up with the demands of my motor and needs to be upgraded, correct?
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6 years, I would check the the fuel sock on the fuel pump if you still have it on there. Also, check the voltage at the pump when it is running....
Replace it PERIOD! 3 to 4 years, depending on the usage, is about it for a High Volume pump!
I should also add that the pump is hotwired and I run a RA voltbooster. I estimate there is about 70,000 miles on the pump too.
Can anyone verify if my fuel pressure should be SUSTAINED at 64PSI as described in my first post?
rastaz, I have always been told by those here that yes, the fuel pressure should be sustained as you've said. Maybe the pump has seen better days.

I'd first check the voltage at the tank. You can also remove the schrader valve at the regulator under the hood & slip a rubber hose on it. Apply 12 volts to the black fuel pump test wire located behind the alternator & see how much fuel the pump puts out in 60 seconds. You should get around a gallon from what I've learned here. HTH :)
Yah they go from .82 to .75 fairly quick. I've cranked up my base fuel pressure to 48 which in my opinion is way too high for the street just to compensate.