Is this common?


pimp romeo
May 31, 2001
Dammit!! Hey guys, my car leaks oil like a MOFO! It's so bad that when I pull into the driveway, I can see oil spots on the road from where I just was. All I know is that it is leaking from the bottom half of the engine since the top half is always dry. When I bought the car 1.5 years ago, the owner told me that the motor was a fresh rebuild. Anyways, are there any common spots where these turbo Buicks tend to lesk oil from? Any thoughts would help.:confused:
only a few
oilpans leak
rear main seals leak
back of valve covers leak and main one on a hot air is the grommet for the oil return under the turbo

but if its leaking that bad check the oil pressure sending unit(under the ac compresser)
mine leaked bad when I first got it...(before rebuild) at the rear main and valve covers.
It was original motor (non rebuild) and it had 102,000 Kms on it. Guess thats about 60,000 mi.
It leaks when i'm driving and when its parked. But more when the engine is running
Does anyone know how to change it or have a diagrame that shows how to change it?