Its only December and I'm tired of winter!


Turbo Milk Jug displacmnt
Anyone else feel the same way :D Was up in Boston all week freezing my tail off after having record high last Saturday of 89 degrees here in Texas..only to come home last night to 14 degrees...dam, it is colder here in TX than it was up in Boston all week....although they have a foot of snow today...I got out just in time. I'm ready for summer time!
Ummm...yea. A few days with the temps being in the single digits keep me from being a fan of this time of year. Also, Camaros and snow/ice are like oil and water...just don't mix!!!!
ThePhreaker said:
snowboarding makes it tolerable for me :cool:
Yeah, if there were some mountains or even some big hills around here I'd be a fan of that...but we need snow to do that too...we just have cold air, only snows real good once every few years :( I miss my waterskiing and wake boarding :(