JC Chip&SMC Kit- Tuner Style?


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May 25, 2001
Can you run a JC variable timing chip , with a SMC Alcohol Kit "tuner style " ? Any pros or cons ? Or is it better for the ECM to control boost ?
Yes, you can as long as you keep the TurboLink boost sensing harness connected and functioning properly since the chip needs that to function and SMC kit has the boost switch connected properly for spray turn-on.

Shouldn't have any problems doing that.

Pro is in-car boost control. No more burnt fingers or having to pop the hood to change boost level.

Con in doing that is if you get detonation the ECM can't retard the boost any.
Mr URL, I am confused. Bear with me as I am new to how these cars operate, but doesn't the ECM retard timing if it sees a set number of knock counts?? I didn't know the ECM also changes boost if it sees knock.

I also have the JCVT chip(s). Currently running a chip Jay Carter made for my stock turbo setup running 40* at zero boost and 30* at 22 psig. Running 20 psig boost this last weekend with C-14 and no knock on run. Only knock I am seeing is when I build boost for launch, still need to work this out.

I did not think the chip would reduce boost and retard timing if I had knock.

Help me understand, I am always willing to learn.

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Donald McMullin
The chip will reduce boost if too much knock is seen. I remove this "feature" from my chips.
When I refer to "tuner style" . I mean a hose between wastegate and tubro with no in car bleed off valve (bypass the boost soleniod) . Jay , do you prefer that the ECM is used ? Thanks.
I'm on the fence either way. For faster cars, I prefer your method of control, especially if a heavt duty actuator is being used.
I am wondering. If you are only seeing knock under load preparing for a launch, could it be false knock due to something hitting the engine or downpipe?
Just a thought.