Jeff Gordan was a little upset


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Jeff Gordon was a little upset

That rainbow boy Jeff Gordon was a little upset about the bump at Bristol. He left his helmet on to do little pushing. He still stinks, I will always pull for the car ahead of the nerd.
No love for Jeff?

I think Gordon is a sportsman, unlike the ass in the 20 car, that being said, I didnt see the race or the post race stuff, if he went nuts then that is out of character for him and a shame. I think the replay is on speed channel today, cant wait to see it. Too bad that didnt happen to Stewart.
If it happened to Stewart he woulda killed half the people on pit road and it woulda been..........Legit (spell?)

Kenseth was bummin you could tell.

Gordon was in the top 5, he finished 21st........Bet that's a couple hundred grand in differance.........I'da been pissed off too...

Oh well, Matinsville next week. No rest for the "feelings".. :D
I had to look twice to believe it was Jeff. I would have thought more of him if he had taken off his helmet. Then again maybe it was like the NEXTEL commericials with Mark Martin and Carl was really a stand in!


I'm a Stewart fan, have been since he ran sprints,
yea he's quick to go off on some of the whiners, but he's got talent,and can race and beat the best of them, (as He has shown)
I don't wish any harm or injuries to any of the guys, but sometimes to get your point accross, you need to get in their face.
you are intitled to verbalize about anyone of the nascar racers, but show some respect to them all, they DO have talent.

I've observed Jeffy (24) bump more folks than anyone else, but do you hear much negative about him? oh well.....

Enjoy the race!
well - well

Looks like ole Smoke wasn't just talkin ( this time)
pulled it off and was bumped quite a bit,
was a great race!!