Jimmy's Transmissions;

Tom R

Jul 28, 2009
Turbo Buick Kin,

I just thought I'd share a short massage about my experience with Jimmy's High Performance Transmissions in Mundelein. Back in the late fall, my trans started to wind in 3rd gear; would not shift. After having bought the car last August, the previous owner had Jimmy build a 200 R4 SSR so I mentioned this to him when I called about my problem.

Needless to say, my first experience with him was top notch. He took the car right away and got it back to me just as quick. And the price...there is nobody better unless they're doing it for free.

Anyway, for some reason last month the same problem surfaced and Jimmy came through again only better this time. I know guys have mentioned how Jimmy stands by his work but most of us newbies naturally have some reservations about anyone we don't have prior experience with. I can honestly say none of them were wrong. Jimmy got my car back to me in about a day and all of his work and parts were free of charge:D.

I'm not saying this will be the case for everyone but this is my story and my experiences with Jimmy's Transmissions. He's really a genuinely nice guy and although I couldn't understand his tranmissionese, he did take the time to explain everything to me before I hit the road. Man this car shifts nice!:cool:
x3 did one for me a few years ended up selling the car and buyer loved the trans could not belive it was a 200r4
Going on 8 years with my transmission and convertor from Jimmy. He is the best!!! Paul