joeya AKA joe abbazia NOT A VENDOR !! also a nice guy


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Jun 18, 2008
this was for the people that were bashing joeya in the parts wanted section/ racing tranny wanted. i just reposted what i wrote over there in response to people getting confused/ not knowing what they are talking about

attention attention !!!!! i know joeya and he is a great guy !!!! some of you guys on here are unbelieveable bashing people you dont even know !!!!

i met joe this past december he bought the engine out of my parts car

his plan was to put the engine in a g body malibu and i sold him a bunch of stuff to do the conversion. well since everybody in the stock/ super stock racing world seems to know joeya / joe abbazia he got a offer to trade his malibu for a 86 t type plus some cash in the deal. after he did this deal he called me back up for some more items that he needed to make the car better.


btw joe lives in one of the richest parts of connecticut and connecticut is not one of the broke states in the us,

he bought champion heads and intake from TOM AND I HAVE TALKED TO TOM RECENTLY AND HE REMEMBERED JOE. joe also bought a aalky kit from julio.

back in april joe realized the engine he had machined and built he was not going to use in the 86 t type that he since bought so he called me up and asked me if i knew anybody that would be interested in the was a86 ttype with leather interior,astroroof,c68 climate control cs2 ,g80 and all kinds of other options. it also had a new alky kit in the box,new upper ,lower rear control arms uninstalled and a new carpet in the box plus tons of other new parts like a new chip from turbotweek and a bunch more. anyways the price was super reasonable but i did not have all the money so i asked if he would take some payments and he agreed he also told me no rush on getting the $$$ he wasnt worried and didnt need the cash he just needed the room and has been so busy with work he wasnt going to get to the car anytime soon.
i paid him within a few weeks and he even let me take his plate and registration home until he got the title back from dmv ( which could take a while) a few days later title showed up and i gave back his plates and paperwork and i got the title. when i picked up the car he offered to sell me back the engine that i sold him except now it was freshly machined with all new parts and he also offered to sell me a new tranny that he had.

well this is the part where i think the original poster got confused

joe told him the tranny was done by leon. OP asked lonnie and was told leon anyway the both brushed it off like neither one knew what the other was talking about but joe was talking about another stock/ super stock racer that was a tranny builder leon miranian . so this is where the confusion was. BTW joe paid $2200 for a tranny that he offered to OP for $1700 a $500 loss plus he offered to bring it down to maryland for free!!! joe has been working in maryland since at least january that i know of because he told me about a car down there that he offered to haul up here for free for me!!! joe also has been working in other states and other countries since i have known him in this short period of time.





some of the other people that know joe are jim rome / jim romenallo / jrsgn

joe is also friends with steve kaminski / skturbo

as far as kims creations goes it joes wifes business she is a seamstress that makes dresses and drapes and all kinds of other stuff out of fabric


also why didnt anybody just manup and call joe his phone # is right there??? the whole reason i am involved in any of this and joe seems to be a pretty well off guy that just wants to get rid of some stuff that is in his wifes way and he doesnt really need. taking a loss on a tranny doesnt really make him a vendor and his wife kim wasnt looking to sell turbo6 curtains or dresses so that doesnt really make her a vendor either!!!
sometimes you people make it tough to try to be part of this club/ community!!