Johns Performance Products


Daily Driver
May 25, 2001
Has anyone ordered on line from them lately?

I can't seem to get anything to load into the basket never adds the product.

Just wondering if it's my AOL or the site. :(

If anyone could go there and try adding a few items to a basket to see if it works that would be helpful, link to the main site appears below, just enter the store from there. :)
Oh well sucks to be me. :D

Here's the error message I get. :(

Sorry, all requests involving the cart need to come from the site's pages directly. This prevents accidental changes to cart contents. The current cart contents are displayed below.

Which of course is an empty cart no contents.

Prolly a script error or some other b.s.

Try clearing your browser cache of all its cookies, then trying John again.

If I don't do this (and de-frag) every day my machine will malfunction on some sites.

HTH :)
Or lower your security settings a notch, at least for that site. Sounds like yer browser wont accept the needed cookie (cart_id)
I deleted and tried again, no way.

I will try lowering the firewall settings. :)

Otherwise I'll try from work tomorrow. :cool:

AOL SUKS! I always had trouble with the AOL borwser going AWOL!

Just fire up MSIE that should work.. or use the work broswer like you mentioned.