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I dont have a problem with GN's, they are my 2nd favorite drag car, but this a$$ to come here and post how he beat up on a supercharged stang is just plain stupid. I made a comment to someone who doenst even own a GN! And i get threats about meeting you at a stoplight!!! Now who's the ass?? Like i said in a previous post, E-town gn's and stangs are like brothers. And you dont need heads,cam, and whatever elseyou said to run 12s. Just ask Bob Cosby as you described before. If i was out in my moms lumina and i blew a black regal away, i wouldnt go on the mustang board saying how ****ty GN's are and how i blew it away! Dont you get it!!!!!! I would be interested in running you next year, but not in a pissed off manor.
I don't think stroked347 meant any harm. I think we can safely assume the supercharged badges were just that and there was no blower on the car. Can a Lumina beat a stock Mustang on the street? Who knows. There are a ton of variables (not running right, tires, etc) and I'm sure it can happen. My friend's Porshe 944 S2 went 14.0@ 101mph but would hang with C5 Vettes and half the time beat them on the street. Doesn't make any sense but it happened all the time. Anything goes on the street.
I guess someone see's my point(thanks cool). By the way, some of you's refer to mustangs as rustangs, musterds, mustake and what have you. Go to any mustang web-site, and see if we give the same respect to you GN guys. Not a chance. I thougt it was ricers vs. american muscle cars these days??!? If GN's wherent so expensive when i was 17(1995), i would be driving one now!

So let me get this str8... Your telling me that your 5.0 302 N/A doesn't have heads/cam/intake and your running 12.20s??? If u don't have H/C/I u must have a blue bottle to be running those times in a full weight 88 Hatch... Last year we had a Buick meet in late January (very cool weather about 45 degrees) and one guy showed up with a white 5spd 5.0 LX knowing he'd get a lot of runs in and his car had GT40 heads, Edelbrock intake and some sort of cam (don't remember the name), but it was also an N/A 302 like yours and the best he ran was a 12.1 @113mph launching the car pretty hard and power shifting the sh!t out of it... On a side note whoever this guy was I have to give credit to him for being one helluva driver cause honestly many guys were amazed at how well this guy was launching his car... A friend of mine talked to him and he told me the guy was very HONEST and str8 forward of what he had and what he didn't have and that the guy mentioned that these were his best times with the car being that it was very cool weather and that the track was very well prepped, and also because he got many runs in (many more than he would of got on a normal test&tune night)... I think it's possible for a 5.0 to maybe hit the high 12's with bolt ons (no poweradders), but low 12's to high 11's wouldn't be easy!!! As far as Bob Cosby's 99 Cobra running high 11's with only bolt ons (no poweradders) remember it is a 4.6 that makes 320hp from the factory and it responds much better to bolt ons and runs a lot better stock (mid 13's) than your 5.0 and I think Bob is a pretty good driver and is very good at tunning his car, so I think it's safe to say there aren't a lot of guys running low 12's to high 11's with only bolt ons (no poweradders) in their mustangs!!! BTW, I'm really impressed with Bob's car and I hope he keeps running with the bolt on 6spd LS1's:cool:
Yes you are right, i do have heads, cam and intake. If i was to port-match my lower intake to my heads i would see a 11.9 no problem. Bob could definatly back me up on this info, stock 5.0 motors, and i mean stock have gone mid 12's. Mind you my short-block has over 90,000 on it. These guys that are hitting mid 12's have access and have the money to dyno tune their cars. i did run 12.9 with my stock motor. Its all in the suspension. Have a good day.

Yeah, I got my SMC alky kit about two weeks ago, but I just haven't had anytime to install it:( I should be installing it some time this up coming week and I look forward to having 23lbs of boost on 93 pump gas:D My buddy blackshoebox (Alex) got his kit installed last week and had no problem getting 23lbs and no knock, so hopefully if all goes well I'll have the same result:cool:


Stroked is sorry we need boost to run his "slow" 12.20s? I happen to like fox-body 5.0's.. but I'm still sorry for some of them. I'm sorry that 99% of them need a bottle to go along with their 2 extra cylinders and light ass 3k pound body. That or a Vortech!

I'm excluding Stroker since I think he's actually on the motor, I'm just speaking of mustangs in general. (As well as some ricers) Every time I'm at my local strip and see a Mustang, which is quite often considering they're a dime a dozen, it never fails.. They're always sprayin the piss out of it. So for everyone that wants to b*tch about turbos/blowers, I'll b*tch right back about nitrous. Maybe you dont run it, but regardless.. the moral of the story is HP is HP, however it's made. But nitrous is only fair when both racers have it. All a turbo/super does is shove some more air in the engine. As far as I'm concerned its just an induction booster, heh. They wont save you like nitrous will. Gee if you're already losing the race on the motor, lets flip the switch and blast by them now.

So I dont wanna hear anyone crying or whining about "you need 14 psi of boost.. waa waa" when chances are they're running NOS. Same to you import kids (and I do mean kids, since thats all they seem to be into these days). It only takes around 160 or so HP to get a silly Civic into high 13's and quicker. But oh well.. for every hp those nitrous shots give you bottle feeders, we'll just keep crankin up the boost.
Hey dude, everythings cool. I just said that to get underneath some skin. I know GN's are bad ass. My local track has enough fast ones. You dont have to tell me. Yes my car runs 12.2 w/o nos. I cant wait till the 347 is in. If i had the driveway space, youd see a t-type there.
Hehe.. good luck with the new motor. Just watch out for those nasty little V6 Buicks =P They're packin hair-dryers!