just curious about 1/4 times i would get...


Regal on Icel

this is just out of pure curiosity, as i know my car is a slug in reality and won't be running any tracks till i (if i ever) put a new engine in...here is what i have

3.8 n/a motor with 10k miles on rebuild
th 200 tranny
2.5x gear ratio (i think)
normal bfg t/a tires
a preformance exahust (not sure which one...was installed before i got car, but its better then stock)

once again, i'm just kinda bored and curious....would i even be under 20? hehe
Basically you have a totally stock car. I wanna say there was a thread about stock performance a while back so you might do a search. If you were to run good gas (108+ octane, 22 psi, and slicks) i would say in the neighborhood of 13.30's - 13.60's at about 97-101 mph. Dont run over 22 psi on the stock turbo and intercooler due to the ineffeciency of both. Hope this helps some.
oops, my car has the n/a motor (no turbo....just the plain ol' 3.8 v6)
I dont think he has a turbo or intercooler unless I missed something about his 3.8 N/A ;)
I have an article testing a 1979 Regal Limited:

3.8 V6 two-barrel; 115 HP
350 trans
2.73 gear
P195/75 R14
well optioned

drum roll please
19.71 secs. at 69.10 mph
0-60 in 14.3 seconds

Here's another. A 1980 Century 4-door (A-body like the Regal):

3.8 V6 two-barrel; 110 HP
ECM (California)
350 trans
2.41 gear
P195/75 R14
well optioned
curb weight same as Regal above

19.2 secs. at 70.20 mph
0-60 in 13.2 seconds

While I wouldn't want to jump to conclusions based on a pair of cars, the ECM car did better even though it had the 2.41 gears and five less HP. :eek:
We all had to start somewhere...My '78 Skylark with a 3.8, 2bbl, 2.56 rear, and a Th350 ran a best of 19.72 @ 72 mph. It's taken 13+ years and lots of paychecks to get rid of 6.6 seconds and add 30 mph! GB
Hey thanks Rich for letting us unboosted/stock 3.8 guys know how slow these cars really are.

And GB, (The Unboosted), thanks for letting us know that we'll probably loose our homes if we become addicted to the speed bug these Buick slugs can easily catch. :rolleyes:

But I guess that is were the fun really is...getting there!:D