Kia Sedona


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Jul 8, 2005
The wife's Caravan is toast and we've been looking at a Kia Sedona. The deal they are giving can't hardly be beat but I'm still not sure about them. I mean why try to give them away if they are that good, right? My mother-in-law has had pretty good service so far out of her Kia car. Anybody have any experience with their mini-vans?

BTW: The Sedona has 50 more horsepower that the current Dodge. That's always good for the grin factor. ;)
I havn't turned wrenches full time for 3 years, but when I had my shop, I hated those cars. Both Hyundai and Kia. Maybe be they have really improved since then, but I was not impressed with their design or integrity. Disposable cars. My .02
I was a Kia tech for almost 8 years til I was recently laid off. I will tell you that the sedona's biggest problem is their junk transmissions, and noisey/clunky front suspension, I was replacing them all left and right. The earlier models were even worse! But the quality has been slowly getting better throughout the years.