Killed a Suburban

I didn't wanna do it! Yesterday I was driving down a nice quiet residential street. Pulled up to a four way stop in the right lane. Next to me pulls up a jacket up big old Suburban. This thing had all kinds of bling and , to me, looked hideous. Well it was our turn to go and he and I started to cross the intersection. It looked like the guy was trying to play, the way he suddenly pulled ahead. Then he started crowding my lane. Well, I really didn't want to get on it but, I had two choices either step on the gas or the brake. I'm more of a go type of guy so I punched up a few pounds of boost. My tires made that strange squealing sound and I flew by him and when we came to the next stop he stayed way back. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings.


You're very kind. Some day it will get you killed.
Usually the jerks driving those are bitchy soccer moms talking on the phone. They think they own the road.


You're very kind. Some day it will get you killed.
We don't see too many of those around here. Just 45 year old rich bitches thinking they are 21 and accumulating likes on Facebook.


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My daily is a Suburban :cautious: Of course I'm also aware of what a giant pig it is and why I bought...hauling kids and all their crap while still being able to tow a trailer if needed.

I refuse to buy a mini-van....ever. I don't care how convenient they are.