Kirban Cold Air Induction System


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Sep 6, 2003
anybody have this installed or know anything about it??:confused:
$199 is steep but i'm going for the stock look. i don't want to change my MAF hose and i want to have the filter out of the engine bay
Youd get more power with a open element K&N under the hood.Kirbans sells the bracket and you can keep your MAF hose.HTH
I built a stock looking cold air system. Used induction piping from late model Grand Am/Alero. One piece from the 4 cly and another from the V6. A 9" K&N is tucked in at an angle behind the headlight. Fairly easy job. Check it out.
Kirban's CAI kit is actually Pete Tomka's kit. You might be able to get one cheaper from him. I would get one from Mark if I were going to buy one ready to go.