Kirban's 2 peice dp


Mar 8, 2002
The bolts supplied with Kirban's 2 peice 3" ss dp are a hex-drive type to clear the first bend out of the elbow and replace the long stock bolts with those springs. Because the new bolts have to be short to clear the bend when inserting them, they are only long enough to catch about 1/4-1/2'' of thread in the stock elbow. While driving on the highway some time ago, they must have rattled out and i lost both of them. Has anyone had this problem? Is there any better hardware available that fits? Could I fix the problem simply by ordering two more bolts from Kirban's and using permatex on the threads?


I believe the socket cap screw size is M10 x 1.5 x 25mm. If you can't find them, you can use a standard bolt/nut with a snug fit. :)
thanks sam, i tried to sneak one in there but the head was too big on all the bolts i could find that size, I think I will just get some more from Kirbans and try permatexing them. How tight can i get the bolts before i risk stripping them or the elbow?

hand tight

Mine are tightened by hand using standard socket wrench. Just use steady pressure w/o jerking tight. I use a dab of silicone gasket maker on all my bolts/nuts to keep them from vibrating loose. :)