Kirban's front frame braces

Hi guys,

Anyone have any pics on Kirban's front frame braces (6564) installed? The holes are supposed to be already in the frame so there are no holes to drill but from what I see I have to drill holes. Please let me know...

This is member T-CHRGD's car, with a different version of the brace, but it should help you figure it out.

if it uses the factory holes, then all 4 of them will be drilled.
the two holes on the engine crossmember use a self tapping bolt, and the hole on each frame horn uses a bolt and nut.
I installed the Kirban braces last summer and no drilling is required. For the rear seat brace you will need to drill but not the ones in question.
Thanks. From the pic it looks tight, but it is hard to tell with the camera angle. I did notice he was running a front mount though.
Here are pics of the braces on my H/ IC but you get the idea. HTH ---Keith


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