Laptop Computer Stand

Hi All. I have responded to all PMs. There must be a shortage of Laptop Stand makers out there. Just a couple of years ago I knew you could get these from Tiana and TR Custom Parts because I have bought a lot of them in the past.

Did they both go out of business?

Hey Flip, sent you a PM. TR Customs is still in business but I do not see the stand on his website.
SOLD - To a fellow TBer.

Thanks All - Now someone buy those 4.1 SFI TURBO emblems I have out there!

Very much still in business, the laptop stands weren't selling very well and have to order a bunch to get good pricing so when the last batch sold out I pulled the plug on them. I would order them and then sit on them for months. Not worth it. If you can come up with 5 or more people that want them I can do something. They are a decent laptop stand.