Last call for MAGNA raffle Saturday Dec19th


East Coast Go fast with class club MAGNA!!!
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May 27, 2010
Ok guys last call for tickets the raffle will be over on Dec 19th at our Banquet dinner at Georgines.
See our website for ticket details
Or just PM me in here!! Just remember if you pay for shipping you can enter if your not located on the east coast. We have given away the Alradco radiator and the rear one piece Spoolfool filler. Everything else is still up for grabs!!
See our Post in the MAGNA section for more details!

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Bump, there are some cool things left being given out on Saturday!!

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Just ordered mine. I won a really sweet rear bumper filler from SpoolFool last drawing!!! Just need the fronts now!!
Bump keep them coming!! Great response so far from the community!! Thanks everyone!

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