LC1 WB and MAf GEN II install


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Is this all you have to do to install the LC1 WB with the MAF Trans Gen II? Also what do you do with the black and yellow wire if your gonna install the xd-16 wb a/f gauge? Do I still need to install the black wire to a switched connection to calibrate or can I do it through the gauge. Thanks fellas!
calibration is through the button on the gauge
dont need the led indicator either , the gauge displays warmup count and error codes if any ,
you must free air calibrate the sensor before installing it in the exhaust pipe , once calibrated dont unplug the sensor , just twist it backwards a few turns then twist it into the bung, on that note placement of the bung should be as far from turbo as you can get it and atleast a few inches before any opening or leaks like a cutout or a slip joint
and for accurate reading like any o2 sensor make sure that there are no exhaust/header leaks pre sensor
that works

as mentioned youll need to go into the LC-1 with logworks2 and check the programming of the analog output #2 when running wideband tracking

anolog output #1 is an O2 simulated output and analog output #2 is factory programed 1-2v output to a voltmeter , this may need to be reprogrammed for the maf pro so read the instructs from the mafpro for required input configuration and read the LC-1 instructs on how to make the changes to output #2