Leak in fuel line


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Aug 10, 2009
Noticed the smell of gas in my garage today. Took a look under the car and found a leak just about right under the driver's door. It looks like a factory clamp has rubbed through the line causing the leak. Can this be repaired? Suggestions? Thanks.
It can be repaired by removing the bad section, double flaring the ends, and using a union.Don't forget to put the nuts on prior to flaring.

If it actually didn't rub through and the leak is from rust, the brake line may also be damaged. I've had this happen on a couple of Regal's. Pull the clamp apart and when separating the two lines the brake line starts to drip, ack! The lines really do tend to rust at the cross member area.

You can repair the leak temporarily with 3/8 fuel injection hose (make sure the ends of the tubing are flared and you use injection clamps), or just replace it with stainless. I repaired a line with rubber hose when I first got the car 9 years ago and it held up until last summer when I replaced all fuel and brake lines due to rust. The big thing is to check the brake lines while you're under there, if the fuel lines are rusting, theyre not far behind...
Racer5252: Did you put your stainless fuel line on the driver's side from the tank to the front of the car without lifting the body from the frame? I've got a set of stainless three piece fuel feed lines (rear line, filter, front line)for my '87 GN, and after talking with the late "Jay Frick" he advised me that I could install the lines from the tank to the front only if I had the car high in the air. Or did you remove the body?

Bruce '87 Grand National
Bruce, I've been able to R&R the front part of the feed line with the car on jack stands. This is from the filter to the engine compartment. Not sure about the back half of the line. That piece looks to be a tight fit.