leaning toward stock cam


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May 26, 2001
I'm upgrading next year to ported irons (MaxFlo) and ported stock intake. A little background first: 87 Ltd Turbo T 101k miles completely stock motor w/following bolt-ons: TE63, Cartek FM, Bigmouth Cold Air Kit, Stock Power Plate, Blue Tops, THDP, Hooker Cat-back, custom street chip, TCI trans. w/10" 3k stall. Anyway, my goal is to idle and sound like stock and run no higher than 5300rpm(to save stock bottom end). I'm pulling the cam to inspect wear and replacing the timing chain set while the intake is off. By the way, I have a Walbro 340 w/wiring upgrade(still in the box)and plan to put together a DIY alky kit. I also plan on keeping the EGR system functional and passing emissions once a year(bolt-on cat.). I've read dozens of threads on cams and it seems that the stock cam or anything around 200/200 will work between idle and 5300rpm. 475- 500ft/lb torque and mid to high 11's on drag radials is my goal. Anyway, considering my goals and future mods, and the fact that the factory cam is no longer available, please help me out with the dreaded cam question. Thanks in advance.


PS- I realize that my BlueTops will be at their limits w/my goals, so let's figure in bigger injectors when considering cam choices.
I'd stay with the stocker considering all the problems with aftermarket cams going flat..:cool:
Id go with the Comp 206/206 mild cam.Very popular mild cam and make sure your valve springs are fresh.With new stock lifters. :) Some larger injectors would sure help like a set of 50s.
Is the 206/206 a direct replacement for the stock cam? Will my stock pushrods work? I would like a little more cam than stock so I don't have to go crazy w/the boost. Besides, I love to sandbag.
Guess stock cam can't be all bad since BMason has been 128+mph with the stocker and the same turbo as you.
Go Stock

I had four cams go flat in a row, had to pay for the first engine job and for parts for second job bc "no warranty on perf. parts" and if u read perf. cam warranties u will find u can never collect from them for the cost of the cam, much less the cost of the job.
Then I went to a second mechanic, had the third cam go flat. Then he did it again charging me for parts, and the fourth cam finally worked.
Whatever you do, get a written contract from the mechanic, because the part should work for its intended purpose and if it does not it should be his problem, not yours. (Warranty of implied merchantability. I am a lawyer.)
Good luck,
Eric Olson
Well, I'll be doing all the work myself, and I'm hoping that my stock cam can be used. But, if not, then I'll have to replace it. By the way, I went to the Comp Cams website and only found one GN-specific flat tappet cam(212/212 I believe). There was a 206/206 roller and one for a NA application. Anyone have a part number for the 206/206 flat tappet for turbo cars.