Lear Siegler front seats


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Two front seats. They have manual thigh and shoulder bolsters that can be adjusted. Also have adjustable lumbar bolsters. Thigh support also can extend out towards steering wheel about 6 inches. Driver seat is power. The turbo 6 emblem is stiched into the upper back portion of the seat backs. The emblems are not colored.
The leather is decent with no rips or tears. The fabric is pretty much shot, like 90% of all Lear seats. They will have to be re-upolstered. They flip forward (to let back passengers in/out) and have little ashtrays in the rear of each seat
I bought them for about $225. Email me with a reasonable price.

The seats are currently in the LI, NY area and are PICKUP only. I live Upstate (Middletown) and can possibly bring them up.
Thanks _Doug Gnicetry@hvc.rr.com