Lebanon Valley in trouble??

No...NO!! Oh God NOOOO!!!! NOT MY FAVORITE TRACK!!! :mad: :mad:
If this is for real it has to be stopped.

I would not worry about it.. That is a depressed area & the money they bring in not to mention employment. It will be staying
since on the Leb Valley topic

I was very & still am with NED. I have written many times to
the NHIS asking them if they ever had plans or room to add a 1/4 mile track.
They did write back saying Not at this time but they are always looking to find ideas to expand..
They would give NED a good run for the money!
that would make prices stabilize & allow for more runs at both tracks if it were to happen.
Here we go again..............a VERY few people trying to destroy our favorate past-time. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: