Leftovers from cars past


Jo Bu needs a refill!
Feb 14, 2002

3 piece heater hose set with the "S" shaped bypass $50 shipped
Delco brass combination valve (#25509419) $100 shipped
1 "intercooled" emblem $25 shipped
1 86/87 center cap $25 shipped
Caspers #102028 hotwire kit $40 shipped
Delco EGR solenoid-appears to have been "tested" at some point: box is a little greasy and looks like it was plugged in at some point but definitely not run for very long, if at all $45 shipped

Used: (pics available and open to offers)

1 pair burgundy head rest covers, driver quality $20 shipped
Hood ornament (Tri-shield/Turbo 3.8 Liter) OK condition $45 shipped
pair of headers from 85k engine, no cracks that I know of $85 shipped
Pictures will be available this evening. Headers so far as I can tell have had no previous repair work when they were pulled off the engine (approx 85k) and did not leak at that time.
header pictures:


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