REVISED !! WHOLE Bunch of Buick Junk !!

1 - NOS T badges. $75 for the pair.
2 - NOS Turbo3.8 Litre for the dash bezel. $25.
3- Very nice used Limited badges. $30 for the pair.
4 - Very nice metal V/6 emblem. $25
5- Driver quality Regal quarter panel emblems. $25 for the pair. SOLD !!
6- Pretty nice intercooled emblem. $25 SOLD !!
7- Driver quality T-type emblem. $20
8 - Two tiny T-type emblems, have nicks in the paint. $20 for both.
9 - Nice N/A Regal header emblem. $25
10-Two very nice 3.8 SFI Turbo hood emblems. $40

NOS Parts:
RARE and the REAL Deal GNX supplement manual. $250
GNX grille or trunk badge. $75
Complete ( all 9 pieces and all GM ) gray shift handle. $100
New GM right side black marker light. $50
New billet vacuum block ( with bolts and new gasket) $35
NOS GM left motor mount $50
Pair of NOS sage green seat belt females in the GM boxes. $100

Like new low mile (less than 500 miles ) PT-54 Turbo (same as a TE- 61) $550

Low mile H/D wastegate. $45
Refurbished belt tensioner with new GM pulley. $150
Set of red 8mm Mallory Pro Sidewinder plug wires ( almost new) $25 for the set.
Pretty darn nice dark gray leather steering wheel. Has a few very minor imperfections. Spokes are very nice. $50. SOLD !!
Black simulated leather steering wheel in nice shape. $50
Driver quality dash surround bezels. $45 each.
Excellent shape tilt stalk levers. $15 each.
Real nice gray horn cap complete with either the T-type medallion or the red T medallion. Back metal plate has the normal surface rust. $50
Very nice burgundy, dark blue or sand gray pull straps. $30 a pair.
Very nice gray, dark blue or tan 3rd brake lights. $35 each
Excellent dark blue or burgundy A-pillar moldings. $30 a pair.
I have all kinds of seat belt buckle covers & B-pillar bolt covers. $5 each
Power seat gray side trim panel with 7 or 8 pin switch and harness. $75
Excellent working astro roof motor and switch. $75
Both rear black wheel well moldings. NOT all dented up but paint is chipped. $75 for the pair.
Excellent black rear hood molding. $50
Excellent black lower trunk lid molding. $50
Real nice drivers side gray seat belt harness. $100
Nice pair of burgundy front harness belts. $75
Very nice 84 GN style sand gray seat belt females. $50
Excellent set of gray rear seat belts. $75
Excellent set of burgundy or dark blue rear seat belts. $50 a set.
Excellent burgundy right side lighted sun visor. $35
Nice burgundy or gray arm rests. $25 a pair.
Very nice Correct inside rear view mirror. $20
Dome light lens both styles. $5 each.
Used bare gray shift handle, $20
Used bare burgundy shift handle. $20
Used bare dark gray shift handle. $20.
2 like new Trans Am black center caps. $50 for the pair.
Nice stock intercooler off a 60,000 mile car. $75
Excellent stock balancer $75.
Lower crank pulley, $35
Water pump pulley. $25
Excellent right side exhaust manifold, been sandblasted and painted with black VHT Hi- temp paint. $75
Flat mounting bracket for the ignition module. $25
Flat Y bracket for alt. $25
Low mile and very nice 86-87 oil fill tube and cap no rubber seal on it, $35
Complete left & right set of low mile door hinges. $45 per side or $75 for all 4.
PS pump pulley. $25

60,000 mile stock drive shaft. $50
Super low mile stock throttle body with linkage. and upper plenum. $75
Nice ( painted red fuel rail & injector harness. $75
Pair of low mile stock motor mounts. $25 SOLD !!
Low mile complete air cleaner set up off a 17,000 mile GN. $100
Stock maf hose with very minor rub mark. $20
14 & 9 in K&N 3in. cone filters that are in very nice shape but do have the minor rub marks from the a/c hoses. $25 each.
Low mile stock downpipe with donut gasket, bolts and springs.$75
Real nice electric cooling fan. $75
Old Accel management system with injectors and harnesses. I know nothing about this and I have NO instructions at all. Was working when removed a year ago off my friends GNX, $75 or best offer.

I'm posting a few pics. but if you don't see what your looking for, pm me and I can send pics. of any part.


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J bracket, alt bracket and downpipe.
Combo price for the 3 shipped to 00969?

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Here's the K&N air filters. If you run the 14 in. you have to move the charcoal canister. I do also have that ATR mount that relocates it to under the fender.


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How Much Shipped To 64070? For the bracket and the 14 inch filter. Does the bracket go with the canister?