Legal problems, any ideas??

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May 29, 2001
Well, a lot of you know about our troubles with our "young one", but now the tables have been turned, and he's the victim of some total bull$#it...

He's 20 years old, he's sitting in jail this minute, and his bail is $25,000. He's charged with 2nd degree felony sexual abuse of a minor. The bull$#it part? Well, his best friends dad's girlfriend (of less than a year) has taken it upon herself to convince authorities (and grandma) that our son fondled his friends 2 sisters...

...back in March of 1998! FIVE YEARS AGO, when he was only 15 years old! (the girls were 5 and 6 then...)

Our kid has been friends with this family for like 8 years! Best as we can guess, either he pissed off dad's girlfriend, or she has some wild hair about child molesters, and it's evident her and grandma have been coercing the girls into thinking they were victims of sexual abuse. The girls's mom don't think he did anything, everyone ELSE in the family don't think he did anything, even the girls he supposedly molested have said nothing happened! IF there was any "touchy" stuff, it was *possibly* when our kid & his friend were babysitting (piggy-back rides & such), and they babysat a LOT back then...but "touching and/or fondling with intent to arouse..." give me a break!

Regardless, the problem is, they won't appoint him an attorney to talk to, and they're telling him (and us) that he may sit in jail until August!

Our kid's definitely no angel, but good hell, even if he's GUILTY, he's entitled to talk to an attorney, and see about getting out on O.R... My wife is going nuts trying to figure out who to call! He already HAS a court appointed attorney from another case, but she don't do "sexual abuse cases" (and she's completely worthless anyway)...he has a P.O. but he won't answer his phone or return calls, Legal Aid just told the wife the department that could help is closed till Monday :rolleyes:...Who the hell can we call?

The kid has enough troubles, but he just got a good job & his boss really likes him, and he just moved into an apartment--now this crap!
I'd look for a different attourney on your own.
This is a tough case...the question is - Who's pressing charges? the State? If so, it might be a strange case as will literally have to use the family of the girls as witnesses to testify on your sons behalf. Can that happen? If so, I'd say you have no worries but it's still going to cost some $$$.
If you can prove him wrongly accused, I believe the State )or who ever is pressing charges) will be liable for the bill,

You've really got to get in the phonebook & get an attorney specializing in Criminal Law, and the sooner the better.

That, and getting him out on Bond/Bail are the 2 priorities at this juncture.

He really needs to stay on his job, if at all possible.

Good Luck!
u seriously have to get a lawer, a GOOD ONE! spend the money if u can.....1 year ago i ran from the cops in my GN and after that incident i was charged with 2 felony's and 2 mistameaners, my lawer($3500) dropped all charges and left me with a wrekless driving california if convicted for just 1 felony its a minamum of 1 year, and 6 mounths for the mistameaner. That's a MINAMUM of 3 years! with my good ass lawer i didn't even go to court!!! good lawyer is DEFINITLY worth it! sorrie to hear about this situation, people are shaysty these days i swear...GOOD LUCK!
I honestly feel for you and agree with the other guys. Get your own lawyer. Dont mess around when it comes to charges like that because the courts will always be biased to the complaintant rather than the defendant in sexual abuse/assault cases.

Get a lawyer? I paid for a lawyer once... I ended up doing twice as much legal work as HE did to undo the damage he caused. And I still had to pay the dork.

And I don't believe the state is pressing charges. Which means, we'd have to cover all legal fees, or sue to get them back. And we'd be suing that "stone" you can't get blood out of...

Right now, they're telling him he needs to go to juvenile to get a court-appointed lawyer! Uhh, excuse us--there's just a teeny catch-22 here...

I have the wife trying to get in touch with the ACLU...
hey worse comes to worse he could room up with terry.:p

personally, i beleve with a good lawyer and the girls testomony of him not touching them would be enough for the judge to drop the charges, the only problem is the longer this goes on the girls could start beleveing that it really happined.

i was in a "situation" like that a few years ago at school. i was serveing lunch detention (just got busted for talking in class) with 2 other guys. i was in the corner in a bean bag chair reading a book while the other 2 guys were setting in 2 more chairs at the other end of the room talking about how hot this teacher was, one of there statements was that "shes prolly in the back room fingering her self". she was late getting there and had just gotten in the room right at the end of attention.

the first thing that came out of them ****ers mouths was "he said you were fingering your self" i dint hear them when they told her but she grabed me by the arm and yanked me out of the chair and hurt my arm pretty badly. for 3 days she spent all of lunch and then our english class "interigateing" me. on the 2nd of the 3 days the other boy admited at it was a lie and that he was the one who said it but they kept on drilling it in to my head that i had said it. they let the other boy go with out punishment, my guss is because hes related to one of the other teachers.

the class was un suporvised for 3 days!!!they actully had my brain washed to a point at where i dint know if i did or did not say any thing. on the third day my mother came to pick me up for a "suprise vacation" over the week end and when she got there they called up to the room and some kids awnsered, she said the room sounded like a war zone. when they located us in another room the teacher told my mom the lies and then told her that she had gotten a lawyer 3 days before and was pressing charges on me.

what was i suposed to do? tell my parents that i had sexual harassment charges pending on me? i was scared ****less and actully spend 2.5 years in consuleing to strighten up my head after them 3 days of verbal harassment. i knew when it first happined that i had said nothing and i know now that i did nothing wrong but all the pressures for a while had me beleveing that i was a bad person, put me on the edge of sucide for about a year.

my parents spent no time waiting around, with in a hour of her picking me up we had our lawyer, the teacher, the prensiple (sp), and the superintendent (sp) in the office with us threating a lawsute on the teacher and school system. our lawyer told us that it was hear-say and that it would get laughed out of court, even if it was taken seariously all i would have had to do is claim that i had of sed it and the way that it was said would fall under freedom of speach and all that they could have done was give me a detention for useing bad language. eather way the damage was/is done. ever sence ive always been a nervious wreck.
thanks everyone, for your support!

The plot thins....

I just read the summons, it says he's accused of "touching" the girls during a piggyback ride "in or on March 1998", while at a party with the girls brother and sister, and it even mentions BROTHER also giving piggyback rides...


My wife has been talking with a member of their family, and she mentioned she was going thru all of our medical records to see if our kid was in the hospital in March of 1998 (he's spent over 6 FULL YEARS of his life in the hospital, so...)

Well, now that they know we're trying to find an alibi (and realizing the dumb mistake of possibly implicating their own son), now they're saying that this must've happened in 1999 or 2000, while their son was out of town...


My wife is worried about them changing dates...hell, let 'em change dates all they want, the more they change 'em, the more ridiculous their story looks!!

Meanwhile---DON'T go to jail on a weekend. Seems the entire system (with the exception of the jail itself) totally shuts down from 5 pm friday till 9am monday. His 72 hour waiting period doesn't include weekends, and anyone/everyone who could possibly help, CAN'T help till monday...:mad: