Lets pick it up around here!

Thought I would drop in and say hi to all the New England guys..
Have not been to the pike in years now.... Buick is running good now and will be at Etown for the sept shootout......
Joe Horvith.......Noslo6.....9.41@150mph.......
First street driven Buick into the 9's in New England
hey big joe,

this is Aaron, i used to work for Eric and i drive Jen's old buick, i post here too. i heard your car did well, we should get all the CT guys together.
got all my neew parts
anyone going to lebanon valley next saturday?
will be the first tim out with this car
Good car cruise at the Walmart in Wallingford, gonna be one this week the 8th.

No cutoff date everyone is welcome. Wide range of cars there from old originals to muscle originals to street rods. and modified cars.

Just park away from the speakers and look for the other Grand Nationals.

Early show 5-8:30pm, you can always hit the Pike after that. :)

Just my .02 as a possible TR meeting spot. Middle of the state too.