Light weight rims


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Apr 9, 2002
Want to try to max out on pump gas(once I learn to launch this car!)and was wondering how much less a set of light rims would help?
I'am running the stock GN rims on the back with 27x10.5x15's
51lbs each. I think that's kinda heavy! the front torque thrusts with tires are about 44lbs each.
Do you use the 4lb for one for just the back rims and tires only or for the front too?
:confused: :how much do the welds weigh?
is 2/10's too optimistic?
:) thanks
.2 is very optomistic. You should see about a mph, however, maybe .05-.1
:confused: Hmmmm. I was thinking .15-.2 just from other's experience and mine (not with buicks), on my 98 ls1 I used a friends rims at the track and picked up .1 and .75 mph from just a rear wheel change 60ft was actually .002 worse with the light rims so it wasn't traction. switched back to my rims and lost my tenth and .8 mph same 60ft. my buddy used my rims and slowed .11 and 1mph (same day)rims were aboyt 15lbs lighter each.
Not saying you're wrong just I've seen a couple of guys cars pick up 2/10's from this (light front rims with skinny tires up front too):confused:
:( ;) both the same type cars, 98 SS and 98 WS6 both autos,
both 12.20-12.35 cars on motor.
Hmmmmm maybe I'am missing something here
I went from 43# each front tires/wheels to 3.5" welds and MT frontrunners and went from 117.55 to 118.31. Almost 50 lbs lighter in the front end, less rolling resistance, less aerodrag, but not even 1 mph better. Those were the best's in each config on the same day. The rest of the runs would be even closer. I didn't see a full .1 if I averaged my times.

Maybe you will see better than this. I couldn't.