Limited N/A vs. GN??

i was wondering what the differences between a '85 Limited N/A and a '85 GN were I am interested in converting it to a turbo car. Thanks
forget converting

enjoy what you have or
save up and buy a 86-87 intercooled turbo regal /GN

if you were to buy a used 86-87 intercooled drivetrain from a wreck complete motor ,trans ( BRF), 8.5 rear , fuel tank, lines
wiring harnesses , 7148 ecm, chip, nescessary gauges to keep it running
when all is said and done you could probably find a an 86-87 turbo regal / GN for almost half what the parts and your time would cost .

btw nothing wrong with N/A , there was a time i wished mine was just a carb
youll need to swap out pistons /rods ,should be ok with crank the std NA crank differs from the turbo crank in that its not radiused but some have used the N/A inplace of the radiused turbo crank on intercooled setups and done ok ,

bolt on intake and turbo exhaust manifolds , coilpack
add sensors and balancer with crank ring, , install wiring harnesses
add highpressure fuel feed line and return , turbo fuel tank/sender, good fuel pump,
you dont need the turbo dash cluster, its just a light show

if you keep it totally stock you might be ok , if you start modding and dont upgrade tranny and rear expect breakage
gearing in the limited's 7.5 "will be low like 2.52 so unless you have the 3.42 8.5 " from the turbo car dont expect much performance from it
Everything would have to be swapped. Everything. Turbo gas tank with the pump and the lines and everything. Forget trying to modify the engine to hook all the turbo engine components. You need to get the whole drivetrain out of the TR and stick it in. Thats including the entire exhaust, intercooler, intake plumbing. turbo computer and the wiring harness for everything. Tranny cooler, oil cooler....Oh yeah. And the turbo badges for the hood :cool:
Is there not enough stress in your life? :)