Link to BigStuff3 Info

This unit is a direct plug in if you had a fast system in your car, you could just swap it? same pinouts? This self learn capability can you explain it a bit how it works?
It will plug in same wiring, Different WB02 the plug needs to be changed (we will provide).
Learning, Is 3x4 matrix rpm vs load, when enabled will attempt to adj fueling based upon target A/F. This will happen in a steady state once the delay paramater is met. Their is also a max pos & neg % paramater to set. In the GEN1 this is a very coarse adj. The GEN 2 & 3 will have a bigger learning Matrix. This is how I understand it now with our limited knowledge of this new system.
Are they just available with WB's?.

I'd be nice to see some screen shots of the various tables, justa thought.
No demo software is available at this time. Software and a com cable are included with each system.
This system is too new to just jump into. It looks promising but without looking at the software, its hard to commit yourself to it. I looked at the Gen 7 DFI stuff, made me enough to pass on it.