Liquid Intercooler

I have an atr stock location liquid intercooler with the heat exchanger and the shurflow pump it has the hoses between the pump and the exchanger. I went 9.80 on this intercooler. Would let it go for 800.00 plus shipping. Let me know if you might be interested.

i got an stretch 15 row intercooler that been boxed to put ice in for sale. can be seen at my cardomain site below.
slow87gn said:
where do you get a stock location Liquid Intercooler at ????

Contact "Postal" on this board, he may have real nice one for sale.

man you must be reading my mind i just posted on the parts wanted page for a LIC
where can you get one brand new or does anyone have a bigger stock location intercooler if so where and how much ??