Little street fun with an LS3 TA and a Roush stage 3

Thanks it was built and tuned by me.....Im still learning I don't think that ever stops!

Yes SLIC = 1 1/2 stock location intercooler

Prior to this roller cam I had a Reed 223/223 .504/.504 it was a straight pattern hydraulic flat tappet sounded freaking awesome! a lot of people swore it was a small block had a very lopy idle and it made real good power. I never really got to make any good passes with that cam but I did have it on a dyno ( MD dyno )for some tuning. It made 430hp and 475tq @19psi and we never ran it over that since at the time my bottom end was stock. I had heard stories of stock bottom ends being done at 500FWHP.....

I did my calculations and figured if it was at 430rwhp then I was real close or at 500 at the flywheel so we stopped....

The next day it spun a bearing!

I pulled the engine apart and found it stretched a rod bolt.

I rebuilt the engine and the fresh build ate the cam during the break in period.......

rebuilt the engine again and the trans went.......I then went through many transmissions until I ended up swapping the case and it was good.....Got the car painted.....two weeks later the car got totaled.

I bought another car with no drive train...I bought my salvage back and swapped over the power train...several weeks after I swapped everything over it wiped a cam lobe.

I finally said Fu*k it and saved up for a roller which I have now.

With this engine build its basically the same engine just added the girdle and studs and changed the cam.....

I noticed a smoother power band and much harder pull up top over the flat tappet cam.

Sorry about the long rambling......I just started typing and couldn't stop lol!

Needless to say I have been to hell an back with Turbo Regals......oh and my first GN was all stock and lost it in a bad crash........both wrecks were complete destruction of the cars and due to people crossing line / falling asleep at the wheel.
Wow. thanks for posting. I thought I was the only one with dumb luck on these cars lol. I want nothing more than to drive this car and since 04 I have put 9 k miles on it. Spends most of its time broken in the
garage or taken somewhere to get worked on. I am really grateful my wife is more than understanding because if the tables were turned I would probably tell her to sell it.
When I think I am going to get rid of it, the car runs right and the frustration goes away.